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I have been raised in a sanctuary, learning and playing music and on a stage my entire life. I've been studying nutrition (BS in Nutrition,Chico State)and holistic healing before the earth's crust was cooling. Music, theater and wholeness (freedom of spirit, soul and body)are why I breathe- my purpose and destiny. I have seen God's hand move circumstances and allow challenges to be perfect for me so that His intentions of my life would be realized.

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My family has been the greatest gift- full of unexpected treasures. I have learned the undeniable truth that a healthy family is vital for a support structure so each can reach their potential. Now that's community.

Without them, my life would be very dull and dreary. All of them are amazing people, who I love hanging with. We have had times where life was grand and also times of walking though the valley of the shadow of death. Because of that, we are very close.


We have been married for 35 years and it gets better and sweeter as time passes. He is my best friend and an incredible father. He went after his life goal of a theater career after graduating from San Diego Stare as theater major and is now pursuing working the craft. We are proud of him for going for it. He is a surfer at heart and has surfed with the boys for years.