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Food At Its finest!

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See why I can climb mountains! Mt Whitney, here I come.

Lose body fat, gain muscle
Soy protein shakes have lots of estrogen; not good!
If someone thinks the carbs are too high: our shake has 27 carbs (more than protein content). Difference: Isagenix is a full meal replacement, balanced with fats, etc. Has good carbs- carbohydrates are needed.

Whey: ONLY whey protein can boost your immune system (no other protein can)
In a health food store, their shakes are typically 20-30% bio-available. Our IsaLean shake is 80% bio-available. Our Whey protein exceeds the USDA organic standards.

Tips for Athletes: Our whey protein has no fillers; contains all 18 amino acids; branch amino acids to build muscle. Dairy in our shake is much different because of the enzymes. Lactose sensitive? Do 2 days of cleansing then do a small serving of the shake. We have vegan shakes. This is the cleanest source of whey.

Difference: Most domestic protein such as Slimfast, Atkins, Medifast, Jenny Craig use a high pasteurization, which will destroy the amino acids. It’s very acidic with some developing allergies to it. Many contain MSG and cheap sugars and doesn’t have minerals. We have the highest form of protein! Takes 45 minutes for it to get into the muscles.

Shane Freels – Trainer: “I have never found a system that works as well as Isagenix. It allows my clients to gain lean muscle, lose unwanted body fat and recover faster from workouts.” He went from 12% body fat to 7% body fat.
Undenatured whey protein isn’t processed with high temperatures that kill enzymes like regular protein powders. Many people are allergic to milk products because they are pasteurized at high heat to lengthen shelf life. Undenatured whey protein contains all the amino acids in the right proportions needed to make feel-good brain chemicals. It’s also more easily digested and assimilated by your body than regular proteins added to shakes.
Will help enhance an athletes’ performance dramatically. Because of the way ours is processed with low heat, you get a better quality protein and you don’t lose muscle mass. Shakes contain only natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils, fillers, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Contains the highest quality whey protein concentrate and milk protein which is hormone, pesticide and antibiotic-free.

Isolate: Our shakes do not have any whey protein isolate or soy protein isolate in them. An isolate just means that they have isolated a certain portion of the protein, which is also heated at a high temperature so it lessens the quality of the protein. The cows are also not free range, and they are caged.
Quality matters more than the amount of protein.