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The Fountain of Youth was found?

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Ahhhhh…… to have the ease, mobilty, spring and energy! Right?

Telomeres schmelomeres! So what’s the big deal?

Here is a link that explains this scientific discovery. This is touted to be the discovery of the century. Please check out to see how Isagenix has found a natural source of telomerase to stop the DNA from shortening. It explains the science, research and what is happening in our health & wellness industry.

Old age is being considered a disease (aging due to the toxins that create degeneration) and we don’t have to accept what most consider NORMAL. There are so many stories of health restored, being supported by Product B- a product with Isagenix. I have better skin, more energy and am hiking up tall mountains.

I have more info if you’d like or can answer any questions. Be careful because some other products are not organic and are the synthetic telomerase- which will cause more toxins.

To you & your health!