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Planet Bubble

Planet bubble, you ask? This was what my daughter, Althea the artist, wanted to name our venue- a place for creativity to "bubble out" and be released. She felt the frustration and hunger pains from not being able to create- an innate desire in everyone. If we do not, we hold places of birthing deep inside, as we catatonically keep breathing through life.

The calling of the artist is powerful and intricate. Inside, a war can rage of deep insecurities, yet the passion to create wrestles down the beast within. It takes all that a person is- their strength, courage and faith to press through to a finished product- of not only the piece but the human becoming the art. It can be grueling but the most exhilerating way to live. It is living, fully alive and facing fears- facing them with full frontal, walking forward, with sword drawn, eyes wide open, determined face- not looking back.

Now that's popping bubbles!




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