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Newsletter, April 2018

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GOING TO ISRAEL! A Prayer & Worship Journey
June 12-22, ’18

So…. WHAT’S The HAPS?!

This is with Lilianna McDermot / Tikvah Radio. She has been many times and is seeing God moving in amazing ways. She has asked me to lead the dance and worship at various locations. This will be on a tour bus ($1500 land fee – cheap!). A few places we will go are (more…)

The Big, Shiny Red Bucket

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So, you walk into a room and there is an old man in bed. His time is expired.

He’s dying. He knows it and so do you. On his shelf is a big, red shiny bucket- dusty but shiny. Out of the bucket come these things up to his bed. (more…)

Control Inordinate – The Enemy Of Free Will

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When control is stolen from a person, their life is not their own anymore.
They become a slave to another person or entity. That causes a degree of death within. A study was done of people that ended up in prison. A large percent were (more…)

Food At Its finest!

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See why I can climb mountains! Mt Whitney, here I come.

Lose body fat, gain muscle
Soy protein shakes have lots of estrogen; not good!
If someone thinks the carbs are too high (more…)

Don’t Be a Mentriloquist!

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Speak from your heart, not your mind. Otherwise, you’re being a MENTRILOQUIST!

You are hijacking the heart – where the real issues of life reside. Data, facts and figures do not (more…)