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Choice – A DVD

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The Purpose:

This video is to let the cry of the unborn be heard and to enlighten and expose abortion for what it is and what it has done. This video is not a stand-alone, but cries desperately for a word to be spoken alongside of the obvious consequences of sexual impurity and, more importantly, a healing and freedom to those who have had an abortion. When that door is opened, a whole flood of antagonists charge into one’s life, intent on destroying their destiny and purpose: depression, despair, confusion, suicidal thoughts and an emotional and spiritual shutdown. Eve was meant to give life, and when she goes against herself, something dies within. The blood of Yeshua is bigger and more powerful than any force on earth. He can shut that door and then release life.

The Birthing:

This video comes from the pain, death and processing of walking with my daughter through conception, birth and caring for her babies. When becoming pregnant, in her desperation and fear, she made an appointment for an abortion. I had a knowing inside that she was pregnant and feeling an urgency for the life of her baby, I called her. I told her that I knew she was pregnant and that an abortion would only make her life worse, with a flood of more issues to deal with. She was so depleted emotionally and spiritually from her previous journey and this would possibly destroy her. She was weeping uncontrollably, as was I. I told her to embrace her sin, let God be God and let her baby live. She did lay her life down and soon she found she had twins- a double blessing. God has since given her two beautiful children and a wonderful husband that has adopted Adin and Lily. During this time, I decided to celebrate life and not the sin. These babies have been the healing force in my daughter’s life. God is merciful and kind.