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Oceans of Presence – The CD

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Oceans of Presence

Voice: Crystal Trull

As depressing as this world seems, it is a far distant reality to the incredible creation of God- who still creates the expanding universe. All of his creation sings and cries out their songs of his might, glory and power. They never, ever stop but
keep singing boldly. The foolishness of man is deaf and dumb to their galactic symphony.


Morning stars singing, Seas of shouting
Water’s womb clapping, Earth garments shining
Deep waves rolling, Foundations trembling
Thick darkness pervading, Men’s heats invaded
Death’s gate shaking

Sea springs exclaiming, Lights dwelling exploding
All birthing breathing, Winds flowing and causing
Earth’s breadth quaking, Wilderness exalting
Constellations obeying, Oceans of presence
Wisdom revealing, the beginning


Iris Lily Spring (Instrumental)


This song comes from an experience I had in 1988, when our young family was taking a bicycle ride through the pine trees, after a long cold winter in Lake Tahoe. There were a few patches of snow left but it was finally warm. We were almost to the park at a sunny opening when a branch stopped me. I saw that I didn’t need to hold up the rear anymore, so I stood still. I listened to the sounds of the bees and felt the warmth of the sun and the calm breeze. The sky was a deep blue and the bulbs were coming out of the frozen ground. My whole body relaxed and soaked in the calm. I began to think of how I was madly in love with God, my husband and my children and that life was really grand. It was an eternity moment and I didn’t want to leave it. I asked God to never let me forget this. Soon after, we moved to San Diego and all hell broke loose. Our lives were rocked with devastation. This song came out as I was playing years after and I knew it was about this moment in time that I had forgotten.


Wonder Stars

This song speaks destiny and purpose to my twin grand children and their mother. She (my daughter) was desperate and afraid and ready to abort them, after finding she was pregnant with someone who was not of her dreams. She chose to embrace motherhood and trust God. This song came after I processed the grief from unrealized hopes and dreams for my daughter and knew that God is bigger than any of our mistakes. He is very loving and kind and creates blessings when we obey.

Wonder Wonder who you are, that you give life from so far
Reaching down to save another, giving joy to her mother
Such the wee ones offering life, such a gift of spice to life
The new mother chose to hold you, nurture life and not abort you
Healing the soul of your mother
You’re from heaven, you saved my daughter, made her whole life pure for another
Long lost freedom returned to free her, Destiny and purpose prevail

Wonder wonder who you are, I want to meet you little stars
From my loins my family tree, like my daughter you would be
Would you sing or be a dancer, big brown eyes and full of laughter
Your destines are still in waiting, full of treasure in the making
Mysterious ones you are
Double portion you will be, fruitful vines for all to see
The family waits expectantly, to see the hand of God

Thank you thank you little stars, thank you thank your for who you are
Thank you thank you mysterious makings, Thank you thank you God’s undertaking


House of Defense

Walking in blackness, not knowing if the next few steps will bring you even deeper into depression and heartache. This hole has lasted so long and has seemed without an ounce of indication that the end is coming- yet, deep, deep in the inner minute crevices of your soul, you know that God is there and he is purposed to protect and be your strong tower. So you hang on…. When our son was burned 60%, our daughter finding her way under a gothic guise, our son with a nervous breakdown, our other daughter getting pregnant and loosing our house and many belongings- my hope fell in the hands of a living God. He carried us through and now my children are the most amazing people I know.

Verse 1
Bow down your ear to me, deliver me speedily
Pull me out of the net laid for me
Be a house of defense to save me, be a house of defense to save me
Verse 2
You give strength to your people, you bless your people with peace
You have redeemed me my strong rock
Be a house of defense to save me, be a house of defense to save me
You are my rock and my fortress
You have set my feet in a large room
You have not shut me up into the hand of the enemy
You have not shut me up into the hand of the enemy


Waves (Instrumental)


The waves of God are full of life and adventure. Waves are not safe or predictable and neither is God – but full of mystery, wonder and exploding life. The ebb and flow of his presence is all consuming and demands to be reckoned with.


Brilliant Spinning


Voice: Lance Pemberton and Dreah Hancock


When we learn the passage way to be able to ascend to the heights with God, we find expressive freedom. Dancing with him in an unearthly realm is a brilliant setting- full of cascading rhythms and sounds. There are colors that you’ve never seen, movements you’ve never done and the air so crisp, clear and shiny- almost a soft biting. Oh to be in His presence.


Verse 1
Fly with me, high and free
Feel my wind pull you in
Leave behind sins of pride
Follow me, then you’ll see
Verse 2
Dancing high in his brilliance
Cascading rays filled with diamonds
Twirling, spinning, leaping planets
La la la la la la la la
Verse 3
I know all, I create all, I see all, I decree all- from the heavens


Somewhere Else (Instrumental)

I would have loved to have been a knot on the wood and listened while the two old friends Tolkien and CS Lewis discussed and debated in their study. What a wonder as they created their two similar worlds- the land of Narnia and the land of the rings. This song represents that imagination- this creativity that puts wonder in a child’s eyes. Our visible world is so finite and limited, compared to the reality in God’s realm of infinity and creativity.


Desperate times call for desperate warfare. There are certain times when we must fight and do radical worship and intercession on the behalf of others. Unabashedly dancing with the heel on the enemy’s head, or to storm the gates of hell in the holy, righteous authority of Christ. It’s a passion that has no bounds- to bring our cries to the throne of God- calling out for his mercy. Violent praise- an expression of warfare.

Verse 1
My tears they fall, my heart is faint
My flesh grows old, weighed down in chains
I quietly wait, bowed head to ground
The Lord is my portion, I wait for him
Verse 2
Arise cry out, lift up your hands
Rise up O God, defend your cause
Shine your face on us, that we may be saved
Cry out for the lives of your children
Verse 3
How long O Lord, will the enemy mock?
Will the foe revile your name forever?
But you O God, are the King from old
Crush the head of the snake


Wandering Gypsy Forlorn (Instrumental)

This song comes from the Song of Solomon. A destitute gypsy maiden is looking for her lover. The yearning and longing to be loved and made complete- to tell her who she is . The bride of Yeshua finds definition in who we are and why we are here- to image our husband’s glory in the earth. Then we can rise up with purpose and authority from Him and all will stand aside and gaze at our beauty and magnificent works because we are his image.